Welcome to the InspireHealth Tyze site.

InspireHealth is a world leader in cancer care. InspireHealth focuses on our patients’ health using an integrated approach that combines nutrition, exercise, emotional and spiritual support with standard cancer treatments. InspireHealth’s programs are evidence-based; we apply leading-edge research to optimize cancer healing and recovery. 

With Tyze personal networks, InspireHealth can extend its integrative cancer care services to potentially reach all communities across BC. These secure and private online networks help you to stay connected with your personal support network of family and friends and with your InspireHealth LIFE Program group and the larger InspireHealth community. 

Tyze networks help to make plans together, track practical to-do tasks and share inspirational stories and information. 

Tyze is a place to celebrate contributions and achievements - a way to stay in touch with friends, loved ones and your InspireHealth community in a meaningful and empowering environment.